Tsugaike Nature Park

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Intoroduction of Tsugaike Visitor Center


Visitor center is located at the entrance of Tsugaike natural park and this is the part of entrance gate. There is the theater and library in this facility that you can learn about alpine plants in the natural park, animals and geographical features of North Alps. Also you can enjoy bouldering and Slacklining in the facility.


  • Information
  • Nature Q&A
  • Exhibit Booth
  • Multi-Vision
  • Chroma Key Booth
  • Slack Line
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Sitting area
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Toilet
  • First Aid/Nursing Room
  1. Information
  2. Nature Q&A
  3. Exhibit Booth
  4. Multi-Vision
  5. Chroma Key Booth
  6. Slack Line
  7. Bouldering Wall
  8. Sitting area
  9. Library
  10. Multipurpose Toilet
  11. First Aid/Nursing Room

Floor map