Tsugaike Nature Park

Information on must-see for each season


Tsugaike Nature Park has a lot to offer all seasons and really shows us the dynamism of nature throughout the year.
Here are the must-sees for Spring to Autumn seasons during the Park's opening period.

Spring Summer Autumn

Spring A thaw then to blooming of Mizubasho(Asian skunk-cabbage)


Early-Spring  May to late-May

Tsugaike Nature Park opens in mid-May when there are some unmelted snow left.
Most areas in the park is still covered in snow more than 1 meter deep, this would be the chance to view the dynamic winter scenery as well as early-appearance of Mizubasho(Asian skunk-cabbage) in marshland.

Spring  Early to late-June Best season for Mizubasho(Asian skunk-cabbage)


In June, Mizubasho(Asian skunk-cabbage) are in full bloom, during the peak season marshlands are completely covered by Mizubasho.
Cute yellow Marsh Marigold also starts blooming at this time.

Summer Flower season begins


Summer  July to early-August

Most flowers blossom in July.
Flowers waiting to welcome you at this time are heloniopsis orientalis, fringe bell, trillium, chickweed wintergreen, meadow buttercup, day liliy, to name a few.
From July to August, rare and unique view of flowers can be seen, such as ears of cotton grass and geum pentapetalum.


Early Autumn  Mid to Late-August

From mid-August, Autumn flowers also start blooming, such as aconite, pedicularis nipponica, and tofieldia glutinosa.

Autumn Season for beautiful colored leaves in the mountains


Autumn  Early to late-September

As grass starts to change its color, whole Nature Park starts to change its scenery.
Less flowers in bloom instead more colored seeds can be seen.
With clearer sky and clouds flowing slowly, the Park change its atmosphere from summer season to quieter and calmer.

Autumn Peak season for colored leaves Early to mid-October

紅葉の浮島湿原 ヤセ尾根のサラサドウダン?

As in October, leaves the park will celebrate its peak.
Colored leaves are truly magnificent in Tsugaike Nature Park.

End of Autumn  Late-October to early-November

After the peak season for colored leaves passed, here comes the best season to view the carpet of green bamboo grass and a shape of white Erman's birch.
When trees at the foot of mountain starts to change its color, it is closing time for Tsugaike Nature Park.

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