Tsugaike Nature Park

Map for Nature Park walking Course

he park has boardwalk of approx 5.5km long, and from there alpine plants and view of Hakuba mountain range can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.



Time required to enjoy the Nature Park

Time required to go to the main marshlands and back

  • Quick walking course
    Nature Park Entrance~Mizubasho marshland~Back to the entrance <approx 1 hour>
  • A little longer walking course
    Nature Park Entrance~Cotton grass marshland~Back to the entrance <approx 1 hour and 30 min>
  • Good hiking course
    Nature Park Entrance~Ukishima marshland~Back to the entrance <approx 2 hours>
  • Going around the park
    Nature Park Entrance~Tenbou marshland~Back to the entrance <approx 3 hours and 30 min>

Quick walking course

<Nature Park Entrance~Mizubasho marshland>
Tour distance : 1km

Walking on barrier-free boardwalk around the Mizubasho marshland is ideal for children of young age and for those who are not too keen to walking and climbing for longer hours.
There is no ups and downs.
In this short walking course, there are much alpine plants to see as well as view of Hakuba mountain range and the Japanese char swimming in the river.
It is recommended for people who would like to enjoy the highland breeze with short walk.

A little longer walking course

<Nature Park Entrance~Cotton grass marshland>
Tour distance : 2km

Just after Mizubasho marshland, there is big Cotton grass marshland.
On the way to Cotton grass marshland, the community of Paris japonica and Wind cave can be found.
In wind cave, snow often remain unmelted even in the summer.
Subalpine vegetation can be seen in this area, and on clear days it has slow pastoral atmosphere with nice view.

Good hiking course

<Nature Park Entrance~Ukishima marshland>
Tour distance : 3km

After walking hard, you will find Ukishima marshland with cute little floating island in the middle.
There you will see day lily and globeflower in the summer, and colored mountain ash leaves in the autumn.

Going around the park

<Nature Park Entrance~Tenbou marshlanda>
Tour distance : 5.5km

Please take your time and enjoy every view around the park.
Going through all the marshlands and to the Tenbou marshland.
Tour includes stops at Ginmei water where you can enjoy cold natural water of Northern Alps, Mousen pond where sundew can be found, Yase mountain ridge where monotropastrum globosum and glaucidium palmatum can be seen, to fully enjoy the beauty of the park.
Tenbou marshland is located in the most remote part of the park, very close to big snowy valley of Mt. Hakuba, so close that mountain climbers can be spotted.

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